Carrefour innovates with the first virtual fitting-room created in partnership with CCO.


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In a first of its kind in France, from 19 to 25 March, Carrefour treated fashion fans to a completely new experience in partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor. With "My Virtual Look by Tex", which combines augmented reality and motion recognition, customers could say goodbye to the grind of trying clothes on.

"My Virtual look by Tex": an innovative virtual experience available in stores and on the social networks

Carrefour created quite a buzz with “My virtual look by Tex" in partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor in six of the shopping centres in which its hypermarkets are located in France: Belle-Épine in Thiais (Paris region), Carré Sénart in Lieusaint (Paris region), Beaulieu in Nantes (western France), Ecully in Lyon, Portet sur Garonne in Toulouse (south-western France) and Rives d’Arcins in Bègles (south-western France).

No need to try everything on with "My Virtual look by Tex”. To choose their clothes and create a look for themselves, all customers had to do was stand in front of a digital screen and use their fingers to swipe through the new Tex collection. They simply selected the items that they liked. They were then scanned and filmed before appearing on the screen clothed in the items they had selected. And just like in a proper fitting room, they could see themselves from all angles so they could decide which ones to buy with complete peace of mind thanks to this innovative solution that saves time and makes shopping for clothes easier.

As a way of continuing with the experience on the social networks, Carrefour invited these avid followers of fashion to try their luck at winning one of 10 coupons worth €100. Once they had finished trying clothes on, they could have their photo taken from the virtual fitting room and then share it with their friends using the #MonLookVirtuelTEX hashtag.

A technological feat made possible thanks to Clear Channel Outdoor's expertise

Clear Channel Outdoor developed something for Carrefour that is more than just a fitting room: it's a genuine virtual showroom. Blending augmented reality so that customers can try out different looks with motion recognition so they can see themselves from every angle, the "My Virtual look by Tex" portrait screens/fitting rooms provided a truly innovative experience. 

"We are delighted to be able to treat our customers to a new virtual experience the likes of which has never been seen before in France… and to surprise them”, said Thierry Pelissier, Marketing Director for Carrefour France. “’My Virtual look by Tex’ is a glimpse of the future and a new opportunity to introduce our customers to Tex – our brand of clothing and fashion accessories at Carrefour's low prices."

"Innovation is what Clear Channel Outdoor is focused on – innovating new concepts, new methods or new technologies", said Emmanuel Pottier, Clear Channel Play's Chief Operating Officer in France. "Our aim is to make predictions about consumers' new requirements and develop solutions to meet them, as well as those of advertisers. We are very pleased to have designed “My Virtual look by Tex” with Havas Media France and to be working with Carrefour on this new adventure."

Carrefour: a retailer that is constantly seeking to innovate and be connected

For 50 years, Carrefour has been constantly evolving and breaking new ground so that its customers are able to enjoy sneak previews of the best innovations. In 2012, Carrefour surprised travellers at railway stations in Paris (Gare de Nord) and Lyon (Lyon Part-Dieu) with its "Virtual stores", offering them the option to do their shopping via their smartphones in the middle of a station thoroughfare. And in 2013, Carrefour set up a temporary store in front of the Défense during the Wine Fair, offering passers-by the opportunity to discover a selection of Carrefour winds, talk to wine experts and winegrowers and to submit orders directly via their smartphones or tablet computers.

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