Understanding how brands meet people.

We work with advertisers and agencies to deliver new approaches to understanding the unique role and contribution of out-of-home in an increasingly complex multi-media world.

By delivering insights into how outdoor advertising works and what role it plays in the lives of people, we can help advertisers to understand the unique opportunities for their brands to connect with people when they are out-of-home.


Audience measurement.

Accountability is important to us. At the heart of our global commitment to research and insight is our investment in audience measurement which helps us to generate new insights and to better understand how people behave when they are out and about. CCI has audience measurement systems in place or in development across the majority of our markets.Click here to download information on the audience measurement systems we use around the world

Campaign tracking.

Understanding the effectiveness of out-of-home campaigns is also at the heart of our Research & Insight offering. As part of our commitment to helping advertisers and agencies to understand how an OOH campaign has performed, we operate campaign tracking research in more than 20 markets. Click here to see more further stuff

Bespoke research.

We also work with advertisers and agencies to deliver bespoke multi-market insight studies that inform effective planning and deliver return on investment for our advertisers.Click here to see more again