Where brands meet people.

Where brands meet people embraces our ability to connect brands with people as they live their daily lives around the world. We boost brands by connecting them with the people they want to reach, with media and ideas that enlighten, entertain, charm, challenge and influence. Read more


Clear Channel Outdoor reaches nearly half a billion people every month across Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

We have an advertising portfolio that puts brands where they want to be. 590,000 print and digital sites in some 25 countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America connect our advertisers with over half a billion people.

But our business isn’t just about scale. It’s about the quality of our thinking and the strength of our partnerships – putting our portfolio to work in smart and distinctive ways.

It’s not just about what’s in the ad. It’s also about where and when the ad is seen. Context. Timing. Audience insight. So, while we provide the medium, we also supply the thinking and ideas about how, where and when to extend advertising concepts most effectively into the out-of-home realm.

By helping advertisers form long-lasting connections with people, we will deliver effective campaigns, help grow their businesses and promote the power of out-of-home. To us, out-of-home is where brands meet people and tell their story.

Our network.

​CCO works with advertisers to create inspiring out-of-home advertising campaigns, enabling brands to meet and engage people when they’re out and about in 25 countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. With our large, diverse portfolio, we can draw on our insights into location and audience to collaborate with advertisers on powerful out-of-home campaigns, creating new ways for brands to start conversations with people on the move. Read more



Clear Channel Outdoor operates a fast-growing business in Asia, with operations in both China and Singapore.


We are present in 17 countries across Europe which includes our biggest markets of France and the UK and such growing advertising markets as Poland.

Latin America.

In Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, Clear Channel Outdoor offers advertisers the chance to engage with people across multiple out-of-home environments.

North America.

Clear Channel Outdoor operates in 43 of the top 50 largest U.S. markets, reaching more than 140m people every month across its billboard and street furniture portfolio. Its growing digital estate consists of more than 1000 digital displays including spectacular sites in New York's Times Square.

Our vision & values.

Our vision. We boost brands by inspiring and motivating people with powerful out-of-home campaigns. 

Our values. Freedom, Flexibility, Fulfilling Promises, Forward Thinking and Fast.

Our values form the code we live by as an organisation. They make up a set of attributes that we can develop, share and celebrate, as a group of people spanning many cultures and languages. Read more



We believe that entrepreneurial behaviour leads to strong local brands. Within Clear Channel Outdoor, that means expressing your local culture and ideas responsibly, without the restrictions and red tape of a heavily centralised business. Our group structure liberates local teams to shine at what they do best.


We’re not an off-the-shelf business. Advertisers and development partners don't always want identical products, particularly as digital out-of-home gains importance. The market is demanding out-of-home solutions tailored to specific needs and audiences, with handpicked locations and insightful creativity. On that score, we’re ahead of the curve. Our challenge is to keep it that way.


Word spreads fast in our business. The appetite for news about what’s next, and its value to clients, is constant. We don’t just talk about what’s next; we want to be what’s next. By investing heavily in research, insight and audience measurement, developing our digital media estate, and giving fresh relevance to the out-of-home medium, our gaze is firmly fixed on the future.

Fulfilling promises.

No one delivers on its promises like Clear Channel Outdoor. Our integrity is something that truly unites us as a group. Fulfilling Promises is a personal commitment for each and every one of us, to build our business by building relationships and partnerships, both internally and externally, and thinking carefully about the promises we make and our ability to deliver.


Being Fast reflects our ambition to be first in innovation and creativity - and that requires us to work quickly. We build collaborative and trusted relationships with our customers, our business partners and stakeholders, enabling us to be agile and make quick decisions, ensuring that we are able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of our customers, and our customers' customers.

Our experience.

​Behind our billboards and pixels lies decades of knowledge and experience of what makes a campaign a success.

Our family tree includes many of the pioneers of outdoor advertising: Foster & Kleiser in the U.S., More O’Ferrall and Adshel in the UK, and Dauphin and Plakanda in Europe.

Today we employ 7,000+ people, generate nearly $3bn in revenue, and are part of iHeartMedia, Inc., one of the leading global media and entertainment companies. Read more


Our heritage.

Clear Channel Outdoor's's lineage includes many of the outdoor advertising pioneers and we are proud of our heritage as one of the legendary outdoor companies of the twentieth century.

Hall of fame.

CCO has worked with advertisers and agencies to showcase some of the world's most famous campaigns over the last few decades. This campaign for Araldite by Ciba Geigy in 1983 was voted one of the top 10 outdoor ads of all time after more than 10,000 votes were cast in a competition run by the UK's Outdoor Media Centre and Campaign magazine.

The digital age.

Clear Channel Outdoor offers new ways for brands to meet people through a global digital media portfolio that now encompasses more than 7,700 digital panels in 21 countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, including spectacular sites such as New York's Times Square, London's Piccadilly Circus, and Paris' La Défense.

Our family tree includes many
of the pioneers
of outdoor advertising.

Our people.

​Clear Channel Outdoor employs 7,000+ people across Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. By living to our values of Freedom, Flexibility, Forward Thinking, Fulfilling Promises and Fast, we share an attitude and approach that spans many cultures and languages across the globe. Read more


Our leadership.

Clear Channel International is led by Chairman & CEO William Eccleshare. Our leadership team combines decades of outdoor advertising experience with wider media agency, creative agency and client perspectives. Visit Our biographies to find out more.

Our culture.

Our teams make the critical difference in how we perform and their skills, talents and determination separate us from our competitors. We also believe people can achieve their full potential when they enjoy their work, so it is our priority to provide a workplace where growth, success and fun go hand in hand.

Working at CCO.

Clear Channel Outdoor is constantly seeking new talent to help take the company forward into an exciting era. If you are interested in a career in sales, marketing, development, operations, finance or IT in one of the world's most dynamic media companies, visit our LinkedIn page to find out more.

Equality and diversity.

Clear Channel Outdoor's Equality and Diversity policy is to promote a working environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment, Race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, hours of work, religious or political beliefs, disability and age.

Our responsibility.

​All our businesses are oriented towards supporting their workforce, their local communities and the environment. Our activities include reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing the urban environment, from charity partnerships to sponsored runs, from company gardens to solar shelters. Read more


our workforce,
our local communities and the environment.

Being green.

Our ad displays use energy-efficient lighting, our fleets include LPG, hybrid and electric vehicles and we donate media space to charities around the globe to help support the raising of funds and awareness.

Earth Hour.

For the last four years, Clear Channel Outdoor has also supported WWF’s Earth Hour – the global climate change campaign.

Top green company.

In the UK, The Sunday Times has named Clear Channel Outdoor among the Top 50 Green Companies for four years running.